About the Chamber

The Vernon Chamber of Commerce is a business membership organization that exists to meet the needs of its business community and to promote the economic climate of the city of Vernon. Incorporated in 1951, the Vernon Chamber is a non-profit 501(c)(6) with primary funding sources that come from voluntary dues from its members. The Chamber serves as an advocate for business and provides business resources and tools to its members to help their businesses grow and thrive.

The Chamber dedicates its programs to fostering growth and continued enterprise for its members and Vernon businesses by fulfilling the following core objectives:

  • Representing the interests of business with government
  • Creating strong businesses through economic development programs
  • Actively promoting and supporting the existence of an exclusively industrial business community
  • Political action though legislative advocacy
  • Providing networking opportunities

Representing the Interests of Business with Government

The Vernon Chamber serves as “the voice of business” by actively advocating on behalf of business to local, state and federal elected officials, as well as other decision makers. The Chamber works to educate its members on issues that impact business and takes positions on issues to protect the interests of its members. Some highlighted accomplishments and activities:

  • A coalition of Vernon Businesses and supporters successfully defeated Assembly Bill 46, which would have disincorporated the City of Vernon and led to thousands of jobs losses.
  • The Vernon Chamber, through its Political Action Committee (PAC), has successfully elected pro-business, pro-reform candidates, including in the first competitive election in decades.
  • The Chamber led the fight for reforms in city government, which included the first ever creation of a Vernon Housing Commission, Utilities Commission, and other reforms that bring the City of Vernon into the 21st century.
  • A Chamber-led task force of business members challenged and successfully stopped the implementation of the 2005/2009 ordinances that would have required costly setback requirements and parking restrictions.
  • Led grassroots efforts to in favor of Workers’ Comp Reform, and helped stop the Sue Your Boss Law and Frivolous Lawsuits initiatives
  • Meet regularly with city, state and federal elected officials to voice the interests of business and work to help resolve issues that impact the local economy
  • Bring business and government together to create successful solutions that allow businesses to operate efficiently and safely

Creating Strong Businesses

The Vernon Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping local companies grow their business by implementing programs and activities that further economic growth, develop workforces that meet the changing needs of the workplace, and make Vernon a great place to do business. We do this by:

  • Providing an annual economic and industry update on Vernon and its place in Southern California and on the global trade level
  • Directing Chamber members to local/state/federal funding as well as small to mid-size business loan opportunities
  • Meeting with businesses to help with expansion, retention and attraction projects
  • Connecting businesses to local employment and training programs

Promoting the Community

We promote the continued existence of an exclusively industrial business community that was masterfully designed and incorporated more than 100 years ago. With a business-friendly form of local government that caters to the needs of business and offers the lowest utility rates in Southern California, the Vernon Chamber creates community and promotes the city’s unique nature as the best place to do business - especially in the areas of manufacturing, production, and food processing. We promote Vernon by:

  • Supporting and defending the city’s industrial nature to members of government, media, and targeted publics
  • Holding business open houses and grand openings
  • Recognizing businesses for outstanding community contributions
  • Partnering with Vernon Fire & Police Departments to host blood drives, lead toy drives, and emergency preparedness & safety seminars
  • Working alongside business members to support Vernon Elementary School and Holy Angels Church of the Deaf

Taking Political Action through Legislative Advocacy

Because government regulations and ordinances increasingly affect every business, the Chamber takes political action to ensure the business perspective is heard. The Chamber is committed to educating local companies on the impacts of regulations that affect business and will work to advocate for and protect the needs of business. This has been accomplished by:

  • Working to elect pro-business candidates to the Vernon City Council
  • Challenging local ordinances and recommending alternatives, or supporting those that allow businesses to operate with ease
  • Take positions on state ballot initiatives and legislation that affect business
  • Voicing the interests of business and working to protect the city’s unique, industrial nature that in turn allows business to thrive and deliver economic vitality to surrounding regions

Providing Networking Opportunities

Vernon’s densely populated, industrial business community makes excellent networking opportunities through the Vernon Chamber. Our Chamber holds unique events for niche and general industries that allow professionals to interact, exchange ideas and get referrals that will add value to their business. Member companies that participate through Chamber events maximize visibility and gain presence among professionals in the Vernon business community. Some examples includes:

  • MIxers, open houses, grand openings
  • Business-focused seminars and workshops with networking sessions
  • Annual golf-tournament that broadens a member company’s’ exposure and increases business opportunities for all participants