Vernon Chamber Opposes LAUSD Measure EE

How can you help fight Measure EE!

1. Vote!  Request a one-time, vote-by-mail ballot by clicking here.

Then, make sure to find out if you live within the LAUSD voting district - Click here.

2. Inform Others!

Please forward this very important Action Alert to your employees, vendors, and associates in the LAUSD voting district and urge them to vote NO on Measure EE.

3. Donate to the campaign.

Measure EE will only be defeated if there is strong funding to fight against the measure and the United Teachers Union of LA (UTLA) is ahead. We encourage you to donate 50% of what your first year's tax would be if the parcel tax passed. The campaigns against Measure EE need to be funded within the next 14 days as they are in a critical stage of the campaign.

Please email or call Marisa Olguin who will connect you with the campaign. You can also donate directly to one or both of the below mentioned campaigns.

Two main No on Measure EE campaigns:

Lead by California Business Roundtable, Nat Assoc of Realtors, and others

No on Meaure EE, Reform LAUSD

Lead by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

See Below for More Campaign Resources

CLICK HERE - NO on Measure EE Fact Sheet

CLICK HERE - NO on Measure EE Frequently Asked Questions 

CLICK HERE - NO on Measure EE, Taxpayer Alert

News Articles on Measure EE

Ballot Measure & Statements

CLICK HERE - BizFed's Ballot Statement in Opposition (submitted on 3/15)

CLICK HERE - LAUSD's Ballot Statement in Support, (submitted on 3/15)

CLICK HERE - Measure EE Ballot Language (provided by LAUSD)

Most property owners with income property will pass these Parcel Tax increases to their tenants thus raising the cost of renting homes, apartments, and business properties in areas served by LAUSD. The lower operating costs of neighboring cities without the LAUSD Parcel Tax will become more desirable to businesses and anyone looking to save rent on an apartment or home.

Vernon Chamber supports public education and funding that gives teachers the ability to do their jobs successfully with resources that will truly be directed to kids and classrooms.  But when is enough, enough? Less than half of the students in LAUSD class of 2019 are on track to be eligible for the state's public universities, according to an analysis published by LA School Report. A significant 20% of kids will fail to achieve diplomas this June. Meanwhile, the cost of the district's employee benefits has increased 44% since 2014. Additionally, the district's spending on outside consulting services rose 110% since 2014.

Enough, is enough!

We must demand reform before taxes by voting NO on Measure EE

Why is the Vernon Chamber opposed to Measure EE?

We oppose Measure EE for the following reasons:

  1. This tax hike comes with zero requirements for reform to solve district deficits.
  2. There is no oversight guaranteeing this money will be spent on students or in classrooms.
  3. The funds raised through this parcel tax will mainly fund pension benefits and salary increases for LAUSD employees.
  4. There was no stakeholder involvement prior to placement on the June 4th ballot.