Locating your Business in Vernon

Locating Your Business in Vernon

There are multiple reasons why more than 1,800 businesses call Vernon home. In addition to ideal location and proximity to multiple modes of transportation, the City also owns and operates its primary utilities and services.

Location: Vernon is ideally located just minutes from downtown Los Angeles and only 20 miles from LA International Airport and the Long Beach/Los Angeles Ports. The city is easily accessible from four major freeways including I-5, I-10, I-710 and I-110. Vernon is also flanked to the north by Hobart Yard which is the largest inter-modal facility in the world. In addition, the Alameda Rail Corridor runs along the City’s Western border and consolidates port-related traffic onto a 20-mile high-speed, high-capacity track linking the port with the primary transcontinental rail yard.

Utilities: The City of Vernon has its own Light and Power Utility System that provides reliable, low cost electricity to Vernon’s businesses. The Water System provides some of the lowest water rates in Southern California. The Natural Gas System provides up to a 40% reduction in gas transportation costs compared to the nearest competitor. And the city-wide fiber optic network offers both high-speed broadband Internet services and building-to-building connectivity for voice, data and video streaming applications

Police & Fire: The Vernon Police Department has approximately 60 sworn officers covering 5.2 square miles. This density of coverage allows businesses and employees to receive assistance within minutes of reporting a crime. And Vernon’s Fire Department is rated Class I, which means all fire personnel receive the most advanced fire and rescue training and are provided with state-of the-art equipment and apparatus. This rating actually helps businesses by lowering their insurance premiums by up to 15%.

Environmental Health Department: The City of Vernon Health & Environmental Control (H&EC) is one of only four city health departments in California. It is charged with monitoring and enforcing health-related federal, state and municipal laws, rules, ordinances and regulations within the 5.2 miles that comprise the City of Vernon.


Within the City of Vernon’s 5.2 mile radius, approximately 1,800 businesses employ more than 50,000 people who live within a five-mile radius of Vernon. The average annual income for an employee in the City of Vernon is $40,000 per employee.

Some 50,000 workers are employed by Vernon-based firms. An estimated 470 more employees work on privately-financed construction projects in the city. In addition, more than 58,500 indirect jobs are attributable to the spending of Vernon-based firms, construction contractors working on projects in Vernon, and the direct employees, for a total private-sector employment impact of 108,980 Vernon-related direct and indirect jobs.

Most employees working in Vernon live within a 5-mile radius of Vernon. The City of Los Angeles is the single largest source of Vernon workers, home to 15,938 employees, more than 35% of the Vernon workforce. Vernon employees live all over Los Angeles, with significant numbers residing in South Central (3,863), near USC (3,540), in Boyle Heights (1,853), in Northeast L.A. (1,535), and in the Wilshire area (1,452).

Other communities with large numbers of Vernon-based workers include Huntington Park, Bell, Bell Gardens and Cudahy, South Gate, Maywood, Long Beach, Whittier, East L.A., Downey, Lynwood, and Compton. Vernon is an important source of employment for several of these communities. LAEDC estimates that more than 13% of the workers who live in Maywood and Huntington Park have jobs in Vernon.


Centrally and ideally located, Vernon is five miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, 20 miles north of the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, and 15 miles east of Los Angeles International Airport.  Ideal for quick freight access, Vernon is surrounded by freeways just minutes away: Long Beach (I-710), Santa Monica (I-10), Santa Ana (I-5), and Harbor (I-110). It also boasts easy access to the Alameda Rail Corridor.

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