Save Vernon Jobs Victory

"Save Vernon Jobs" Victory

Background: In late 2010, the Speaker of the California State Assembly introduced a bill intended to disincorporate the City of Vernon.  If this bill had passed, it would have led to thousands of job losses in Vernon and across California as increased taxes and a created an unhealthy business environment. Through the effort of the Vernon Chamber of Commerce and countless volunteer hours from Vernon business owners, employees and supporters, we were able to defeat this bill in an effort that defied the odds.

What was AB 46?

California Assembly Bill 46 (AB 46) is a one-sentence bill that, if passed, would disincorporate the City of Vernon.  The City, and every business in it, would be forced to become part of unincorporated Los Angeles County, or more likely, will be annexed by a nearby city such as Los Angeles or Maywood. Click here to see the most recent bill language for AB 46.

What Was Wrong with AB 46?

Direct Economic Consequences

  • Utility Rates for local businesses will increase by at least 20-40%.
  • Insurance Rates will increase approximately 13% based on the loss of Class-1 Fire Service rating.
  • Business Taxes will rise significantly, possibly by over 2000%.

Unintended Consequences

  • Over 11,000 jobs will be eliminated almost immediately.
  • The excellent services that Vernon businesses enjoy—including under 3-minute response times for Police & Fire, along with the State-Approved, Environmental Health Department — will be eliminated.
  • The State of California would lose $420 Million a year in wages and $42 Million in revenue.

There's no Plan to Protect Vernon Businesses & Jobs.

Speaker John Perez, author of AB 46, has no plan to protect Vernon businesses and jobs. There’s no plan even being discussed to deal with:

  • Massive increase in utility rates;
  • Business tax rates;
  • Insurance rates; and
  • Reduction of police and fire services.

What was the Chamber’s role in the fight to Defeat AB 46?

The Vernon Chamber has initiated an independent campaign separate from the City that organizes businesses and Vernon stakeholders to defeat AB 46, the proposed state legislation that would disincorporate the City of Vernon.

Who funded the SAVE VERNON JOBS Campaign?

SAVE VERNON JOBS is funded by Vernon Chamber members, concerned Vernon business owners, local property owners and stakeholders. The fund is used to retain professionals to help defeat AB46 on behalf of the business community, engage in legislative advocacy, and drives grassroots activities.

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